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This study intends to evaluate the local agricultural base of food and drink products, as well as the tourist services offered in the Amyntaio area with the aim to identify a sub group of that can be positively related with the existence of the brown bear Ursus Arctos*. Moreover it will create and establish a “Brown Bear Quality Label” which will:

(a) Certify specific standards in the framework of the already existing set of labels (quality labels, labels of specific geographic origin, of specific characteristics etc.)

(b) Promote a network of this category of products

The certification of such products and services can contribute to the conservation of the natural environment, the promotion of the local cultural identity, the enforcement of quality standards in the products and services and ultimately the sustainable development of the concerned rural areas. The guidelines for certification of products and services through the “Brown Bear Quality Label” will be developed including damage prevention measures and/or use of low-input organic cultivation methods towards both agricultural sector and tourism.