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This action is aiming at a detailed assessment of the Carrying Capacity of the activities that take place in the project area. Moreover it will provide a detailed methodology for the definition of a development strategy that it is suitable for the area and is directly connected to action E.1. and more specifically to sub-action E.1.4. The analytic description of the methodology that will be used in order to implement the specific activity is, as follows:

- Detailed Assessment of Carrying Capacity

The study will also indicate the points for installing warning signs and deterrents for safer road networks as well as the points for installing bear - proof refuse containers and electric fences (C7).

- Specializing the Development Strategy

The study will identify the developmental characteristics of the area, showing the areas that will gather the mass of tourist flows and travel behavior on the one hand and the areas that the brown bears usually find food and nesting on the other hand. The second part of the study actually includes the development of the evaluation system, so as to promote activities and works that will protect the biodiversity of the area.