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Surveys on stakeholder perceptions and behavior will be conducted as a follow-up of stakeholder consultation and involvement in the project (Action C1). This will be accompanied by a continuation of the operation of thematic groups. Specifically, after the workshops held in Action C1, thematic groups will meet regularly once every three months and irregularly anytime needed to discuss adoption of best practice and updates in waste management, electric fences, and guarding dogs. The ongoing operation of thematic groups is expected to shed light on difficulties in adopting best practice or issues to be tackled at the local level so that best practice can be adjusted to fit local needs and desires. Synthesis of thematic groups will always reflect an adequate stakeholder representation, which will be also weighed against geographical heterogeneity in the target area. Local authorities, stock breeders, bee keepers and farmers, will all be represented in thematic groups and they will be replaced by fellow members of their stakeholder group if this will be needed.

The objective of this Action is to elaborate on a range of scenarios concerning ongoing and future stakeholder involvement and assess adoption of best practice by stakeholders in waste management, electric fences and guarding dogs.