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The aim of this umbrella monitoring action is to try to evaluate any positive effect upon Ursus arctos* conservation status, through the synergic implementation of actions C4, C5, C7, & C8 given the fact that action C8 will be implemented through the Operation of the mixed Bear Emergency Team (action C4) and that implementation of actions C4 and C8 has also a direct relation and a common management goal over the targeted species that is aversive conditioning of “habituated–problem” bears and minimization of bear-human conflicts. More specifically the main desired goal and expected result of all the above grouped actions is to maximize the efficiency of:

  • The BET interventions as well as the performance of the bear deterring devices in each separate case by reducing bears-human interference (conflict) situations and thus bear-human caused mortality incentives;
  • The implementation of concrete conservation actions C5 and C7 involving specific preventive and/or aversive measures (LGD’ and bear proof garbage bins).

The monitoring frame of action D3 will consider at a first level the following indicators by Action C4, Action C5, Action C7 and Action C8.

At a second level and in order to meet the overall monitoring requirements on actions progress and degree of objectives achievement and thus upon the targeted species status, this is possible to achieve mainly in an indirect way, with the use of specified indicators that will be defined to measure accompanying variables during and after the implementation of the aforementioned actions. These indicators will both include quantitative and also qualitative parameters as follows:

  • The number of necessary visits in each separate BET intervention case in relation to the evaluation of the situation, the intervention protocol assigned (based on the relevant best practice manual issued under project LIFE07 NAT/GR/000291) and the final management result expected, will be recorded on a regular basis.
  • Monitoring of bear’s habituated behavior shift after aversive conditioning.