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The purpose of this action is to establish a matrix with key indicators concerning the performance of the project. Indicators should be appropriate to the project aims and objectives and not be governed by how measureable they are.

A number of outputs for the project will be monitored and evaluated as the project progresses. An Excel template will be used for simple data gathering and as an aggregation and tracking tool. A database system will also used to enter the indicators, so that analysis of aggregated outputs and separation of impacts by field of delivery or key action is relatively simple to achieve. The work activity will focus to the monitoring the progress of the project against those indicators, and to evaluate its success at project completion.

Sub-task D.6.1. Project indicators will measure the quality and quantity of medium and long-term results generated by project outputs.

 (a) measurement of the number of local farmers and enterprises adopting bear friendly practice with the aim to obtain the "Brown Bear Quality Level" (Action A.4.)

(b) measurement of the human - bear interference incidents and subsequent conflicts

(c) measurement of the mortality rate of Ursus Arctos' caused by human violent behavior

(d) assessment of the awareness of the local population about the on conservation matters and the added value of Ursus Arctos*

(e) measurement of self sustainable initiatives that are put in place (e.g. guard dogs) that can prevent human- bear conflicts in the long term.

(f) assessment the driver's behavior while using the local network, before and after the positioning of warning signs and deterrents

(g) measurement of the public exposure of the project and its coverage by the media (e.g. number of site visits, number of relevant articles over the internet and the local press, etc.).

Sub-task D.6.2. Monitoring and measurement of LIFE project performance indicators during the project implementation

AMYBEAR will report on the outputs and impact of the project taking into account the LIFE project performance indicators (excel table: LIFE Project Specific Indicators Call 2015). These indicators will contribute to evaluating the impact of the LIFE project during or at the end of the project and will do the same 5 years after the project ends.