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1. International Conference

An International Conference will be organised by the end of the project (by the end of first semester of 2020) in the project area, in order to disseminate experience gained and results obtained concerning the key issue addressed by the project (human-bear coexistence). The methods applied and their results will be presented by staff of the beneficiary partners along with the constraints faced during its implementation and the future sustainability of the actions carried out by the project, while other international experts, representatives of other LIFE projects, relevant public authorities and NGO’s will also be invited to the Conference for exchanging knowledge and experiences in relation to the project’s subject.

The International Conference will have the form of an open meeting, journalists, representatives of the key stakeholder groups, University students and involved parties will also be invited to participate. The participants will have the opportunity to be thoroughly informed about the project’s actions and all the project’s deliverables will be available for everyone attending the Conference. Participants will also be encouraged to share their opinions and concerns regarding the human bear coexistence issue, the project’s progress and the viability of results in the future. 

2. Networking with other projects

A communication network of LIFE Projects that deal with conservation of large carnivores has been already established during previously implemented similar projects.