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Subaction E.4.1. : NOTICE BOARDS

The coordinating beneficiary will erect and maintain Notice Boards describing the project in public (central and local) administration offices and other strategic spatial points in places of the wider Amyntaio area.

Those Notice Boards will be accessible by the interest groups and the staff of the involved institutions. The panels will contain information about the project’s aims, the partnership scheme, its budget and the activities carried out. On each panel the logo of the Natura 2000 Network will be included emphasizing the importance of the project and its performed actions for the network.

Subaction E.4.2. : WEB SITE

During the first six months of the project, the project’s website will be online. The website will focus on the main species targeted by the project (Ursus Arctos), the threats brown bears face, the human bear coexistence issue and the actions undertaken by the project concerning this issue. The website will contain information about the project’ content, its actions and goals, progresses and outcomes along with information concerning the project partners, the LIFE projects and the NATURA 2000 network. Most materials that will be produced through the project will be available online. For the purposes of Action E7 specifically (Introduction-establishment of a “National Day Against Poison Baits”), there will be a special section of the website that it will be used for online orders for the brochure that is going to be produced under E1 Action concerning Poison Baits. People, organizations or institutions that are going to organize events to promote the campaign against the use of poison baits will be able to contact the project online and order the amount of brochures they need. All informational material, articles, press releases, reports, information about the project, photographic and video material, links to relevant sources and other web sites, will be included to the website which will regularly updated by the responsible beneficiary and all the project partners.

Subaction E.4.3.: LAYMAN’S REPORT

A report will be produced for the general public at the end of the project. This report will contain information about the project’s actions, its objectives, the main results achieved and its socioeconomic context and impact. The Layman Report will be prepared in both English and Greek in a comprehensive way. The report will be printed on environmentally friendly paper and distributed to the project partners, the representatives of interest groups, the institutions that have been involved directly or indirectly in the project, representatives of relevant public authorities and journalists. The Layman’s Report will be also be posted in the project’s website.