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The project’s objectives may be summarized as follows:

Improvement of Ursus arctos* global conservation status by achieving a sustainable management of human-bear co-existence through minimization of bear-human negative interference

- Maintain human caused bear mortality at a sustainable level not exceeding 6% of the minimum estimated population in the project area. Maintain the number of the yearly reproductive females at no less than 10-12% of the minimum estimated bear population in the targeted area.

- Improvement of the tolerance level of specific target groups regarding their coexistence with the targeted species.

- Improvement of the awareness level on the added values of the targeted species in relation to the attractiveness of the area targeted by the project.

- Sound acquisition of know-how by the personnel of local competent authorities on specific and concrete management techniques.

- Continuation of operation of auto-sustainable mechanisms supporting on a long term basis certain types of preventive measures.